Homeless & Public Safety

This is not simply a housing issue. Before we can solve the homelessness crisis in California, we must first recognize that the definition of the word “homeless” also encompasses a number of categories including the mentally ill, the drug addicted, and the criminally vagrant. If we are to be serious about this issue, we must come up with solutions that are specific to each category.  The homeless crisis has had a significant impact on our local environment and our communities.  We are a compassionate people, but compassion must be balanced with common sense. This is about protecting our communities and helping the less fortunate get the assistance they require.

Taxes & Prop 13

What has happened to all the money so far? Californians already pay among the highest taxes in the Nation.  Prop 13 is a landmark piece of legislation that was enacted to protect the rights of property owners by capping the tax rate at 1.25% of the value of the property. With property values already at an all-time high, any changes to Prop 13  would have a significant, immediate and devastating effect on our state’s economy.  Some estimates state that property taxes will likely double if there are any changes to Prop 13. Sacramento must find ways to spend the billions of dollars they already receive in a more sensible manner.

Independent Contractors & AB5

Another Sacramento job killer.  We have all known that the the California politicians in Sacramento have been at war with business.  But now we learn that they are also at war with the workers.  If someone has a skill or service to offer, and if they negotiate in good faith with a business or entity that needs that skill or service, the government has no right to interfere with that transaction.  The government must never complicate an individual’s rights to earn a living.  AB5 is yet another cash grab by greedy politicians that do not respect or value the meaning of work.  AB5 is a disaster that must be immediately repealed.