Let’s agree on the definition of terms first. When politicians change the definitions of words, it becomes difficult to have a reasonable debate on the topics. Like many American’s, I am an Immigrant. I am for the orderly and legal flow of immigration to this country from people who want to be a part of the American story. It is not reasonable or sustainable to place the burden of cost on the California taxpayer for a seemingly endless influx of people into our State. Many hard-working Californians are struggling to take care of themselves, we cannot require them to take care of the world. We need order at the border.

Water Capture & Delivery

It’s the biggest subject no one is talking about. CA in continuously in and out of drought conditions. Although we seem to out of the drought for now, we will most certainly experience another period of low water supply in the future. Sacramento continues to tighten the regulation on water usage, but water conservation is not the only answer. Throughout our district alone you can see a record number of new constructions for luxury condos and apartments. The demand on our water supply will significantly increase, but we have done very little to capture new water by way of building new damns, aqueducts, or reservoirs. Instead, Sacramento keeps restricting water usage among the citizens and especially the farmers of California.


Parents are best equipped to make decision for their children. Every child has the right to a quality education that will prepare them for success in tomorrow's competitive environment.  A child should not be sentenced to a failing school based on their zip code.  Parents must have the ability to choose from a variety of options with regards to their child’s education.  From a quality public school, private school, charter school, or if desired, home school.  Additionally, parents must not be forced to have their child’s education be indoctrinated with age inappropriate and overly sexualized content.  A young child’s education must not be the domain of a political agenda.